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Our clients’ stories

The VCA (SCC) diplomas have a high labour market relevance, which automatically puts pressure on the examination results. That’s because an employee may not work in a hazardous environment if he or she doesn’t have an SCC diploma.

“From the start of the centralised examinations – 2004 – examination fraud has been a significant point of attention. But how do you tackle that in a system with more than 200,000 candidates a year (SCC and SOG)? Our examinations are held in 5,000 different locations, where it would appear impossible to maintain 100 per cent supervision everywhere. We have also realised that physical supervision can’t detect all types of cheating. Xquiry helps us to broaden the field of vision and to view every candidate, supervisor, examination centre and/or location separately, and to detect any exam fraud.”

Jeannette Schuddeboom

Manager VCA

The ExTH exams are developed with a great deal of care and expertise, with reliability and validity as the underlying principles. The sector trusts the exams, and thus the quality of the professional.

“Despite the care we devote to developing and staging our exams, exam fraud carries a serious risk of harm. That’s why the issue has our full attention. However, we are aware of technological developments which give rise to our concerns. Tools for cheating are becoming steadily more advanced, and more difficult to detect. That’s why ExTH is investing in detecting exam fraud, but also regards this as a preventative measure. Alongside all the other measures we take to prevent cheating, we have asked Xquiry to analyse our exam data and to give us information and advice. Insight into risks is the most important consideration here. If we know how and where cheating is occurring, we can take action to justify the trust which is placed in us.”

Hester Brenninkmeijer

Manager ExTH (Exameninstelling Toezicht & Handhaving)

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