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EDF protocol presented at the Technology Enhanced Assessment Conference

Feb 5, 2019

The Technology Enhanced Assessment Conference took place December 10 and 11 at the Free University in Amsterdam. Christiaan van Ommering and Sebastiaan de Klerk were present at this international conference.

Christiaan has presented our EDF protocol during the conference. As discussed in an earlier news item on our website, the EDF protocol offers a set of standards through which potential security gaps within the exam process can be highlighted and assessed. There was much enthusiasm about the EDF protocol and the presentation. This was highlighted by several questions being asked by the conference participants and requests for information through our website after the conference had finished. The EDF protocol is available for free at our website!

How to use the EDF Protocol

Download the EDF Protocol through this link. You’ll receive an email containing an empty version of the EDF Protocol, ready for you to start your audit. If you’d like to (re)download the Protocol another time, you can also find the download page in the ‘Procedure’ section of this website.

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