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Starting to work with the EDF Protocol

Nov 15, 2018

Recently we adressed the following questions: What steps can you take against indications of fraud in your examprocesses. How can you decrease risks in the future? Is you examprocess secure against examfraud?

Don’t be at risk and fight test fraud. From now on, you can start working with Xquiry’s EDF Protocol, independently or in collaboration with one of our experts. As discussed in an earlier news item on our website, the EDF Protocol offers a set of standards through which potential security gaps within the exam process can be highlighted and assessed. Use the EDF Protocol to evaluated whether you are at (great) risk.

How to use the EDF Protocol

Download the EDF Protocol through this link. You’ll receive an email containing a empty version of the EDF Protocol, ready for you to start your audit. If you’d like to (re)download the Protocol another time, you can also find the download page in the ‘Procedure’ section of this website.

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