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The EDF protocol for fraud prevention and detection: “Trust is good, checking is better”

Oct 8, 2018

Xquiry offers the exam world the educational data forensics cycle, consisting of the EDF monitor, the EDF protocol and the EDF qualifier. What you already know about us is that the EDF monitor offers you the opportunity to quickly and accurately gain insight into your exam data. But which follow-up steps can you take if there are indications of fraud, and can you prevent these risk in the future? And what can you do when there is an indication of fraud in the exam results, could your exam process contain more security gaps?

Xquiry can give you an answer to all these kinds of questions, because soon you can start working with Xquiry’s EDF protocol independently or in collaboration with one of our experts. Although exam fraud can never be completely eliminated, this assessment protocol offers a set of standards that identify gaps within the entire process of examination. These standards can be used to determine whether there is a security risk.

Based on a scientific study, it has been determined what standards should be included in the assessment protocol with regard to the prevention and detection of fraud. We have not lost sight of the link with the field of practice. After all, experts in practice must be able to act on indications of exam fraud. That is why the EDF protocol has been developed and validated in collaboration with various experts in the exam world. This has resulted in a set of 10 standards that describe the process from examining the security plan to conducting a security audit, and from item development to test analyses.

In short, our EDF protocol allows you to measure the current level of security risks within the exam process to limit the risks of fraud. In addition, it provides a basis for conducting an internal audit every year, resulting in a sustainable quality management system that can also serve as a basis for ISO certification, for example.

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