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Practically-oriented training courses
on tackling exam fraud

Xquiry has developed two practically-oriented training courses to support fraud prevention in your organisation, with awareness and working in accordance with the ADF protocol at their core. Xquiry also offers the opportunity for tailor-made training for adapting your fraud-prevention protocol.

Naturally all our training is based on the assessment data forensics standards.

1. Xquiry awareness training

For: Professionals who have not yet consciously experienced exam fraud and/or who still don’t act on it. This might also include new staff.

Content: The Xquiry awareness training provides awareness of and insight into exam fraud. We devote attention to the causes, types and consequences of exam fraud. We also analyse practical examples, and preventative solutions are covered.

Duration: 3 half-days

2. Xquiry protocol training

For: Professionals interested in and/or going to work with the ADF protocol.

Content: The Xquiry protocol training provides an insight into the ADF protocol and how you work with it.

Duration: Depends on the degree to which the protocol is to be applied in your organisation.

Interested in our training courses? Contact us for the options.

Tailor-made courses

Should the ADF monitor and/or the protocol raise specific areas for attention, this may require modifications to your organisation’s working methods. Xquiry will discuss this with you, and will orientate the training to your organisational culture, the current working methods and the modifications which need to be introduced.

Xquiry offers its training both ‘in-company’ and from its home base in Amersfoort.

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